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Friday, April 15, 2005

Ashamed of spanish speakers

Me, a native inhabitant of Chile myself, had the misfortune of bumping to this stupidity:

It is in spanish, but perhaps with an online translator you can catch the whole essence and ridiculity of such article submitted by a --prepare to laugh-- "Dr. Kaplan": such curious "doctor" has worse spelling than me and an miserable ability to type ideas in a coherent way, that post looks more like a classic chainletter --those which spam your e-mail everyday-- than an "important advice!". Even worse, there's some brainless guys (in the same discussion) which criticize the Wikipedia even further with very, VERY unfounded arguments, clearly showing their ignorance, fear of the unknown, and bleh, the classic stupidity of inhabitants of Spain (that latter comment was more personal than objetive, you know, I'm biased against idiots ;> ). Yes, Spain, they talk like spanish guys (and they don't hesitate to call latin-americans underdeveloped, as if they were so developed and cultured... just look at the quality of their comments); if they were so superior they could have at least put some sense in their words, not do something as pathetic and calling the Wikipedia "Wilkepedia" followed by a large amount of hardly-understood no-sense, don't make me laugh!.

this is a rant, and IS biased, but I bet you can still agree with me if you go and take a glance at the posting. Even if you are AGAINST the Wikipedia, I guess you can agree with me; I mean, someone with a true and (at least a bit) rational objection against the Wikipedia could do MUCH better than "Dr.Kaplan et al" (doctor... yeah, sure).
I welcome good criticism, I dislike hate-speech presented as objetive critic, and pathetic chainletter-like "very important news!". This comment is, once again I tell, biased, but if you take out the insults of this piece of text, I bet ten bucks you'd still agree with me: they are morons.

Take care, have fun, and be coherent.
Soulice Pentalis.

Post Data: As a little proof of the laughable quality of their "very well fundamented comments":
Quote= "[...] basada en la Licencia Libre de Documentación (GNU) (Creada por ellos mismos en el congreso y estimulada en la ONU) [...]"
"[...] It is based on the Free Documentation Licence (GNU) (Created by themselves in the congress and stimulated in the ONU) [...]"
That "themselves" does NOT refer to the GNU project, as he does not mention it at all (except in brackets; in an incorrect way, by the way), and was talking about the Wikipedia in that same sentence. Summing up the idiocy:
It says the GNU FDL was created by the Wikipedia, in the congress, and stimulated in the ONU, three fallacies that are so immensely false, that even if he was actually telling that the GNU project created the licence, the two latter ridiculous affirmations make one wonder where did this guy obtain his information (and what did he smoke!)... where have you seen that Richard Stallman (creator of the GNU FDL) asked the congress to create his licence?, or was stimulated BY THE ONU!?, FOR GOD'S SAKE!.

Convinced?: I agree, he's a moron, no doubt of it. And there's so many of them >_< no wonder why the world is as it is.

Soulice Pentalis


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