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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I Finally Exist!

Finally, I have a blog.
It has been years since I'm around the net, but just now I chose to stop being a lurger/ghost, and have a definitive place on the net. Those include my main site: (must be updated, soon, but well, it's a decent start).
and gallery (must be updated today or tomorrow)

For those who already know me, there's news!.
After weeks of feeling unmotivated, sometimes frustrated, overall discouraged, I got what I wanted: a reason, a goal, and that feeling of being overstuffed with enthusiasm, ¡When you feel you must yell (and so do I), run (done), and go to conquer the world!!! (I'm working on that XD ).
After being heavily idle during my holidays (all wasted playing, but bleh, I don't regret), I'm now heavily busy, but happy and willing to go without end!.

Mmhhh... I must go on drawing... if I could... just... put my hands on that time I threw off the past month XD *giggles*

That's everything for now, I'm happy ^..^

Soulice Pentalis.


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